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Fair Skies Acupuncture: Our Philosophy

Fair Skies Acupuncture: Our Philosophy

My Philosophy

I believe in respect for nature, and the body’s natural abilities to heal.  I believe I am a small but important part of a client’s journey.  I believe in sensing and supporting people’s highest selves, and in compassion and empathy.  I believe in the natural dignity of human beings, and of the cycles of life itself.  

I am grateful to offer my services to those people willing to trust in their body’s wisdom, and in the benefits of a supportive community.  I aim to continually improve my knowledge and skills. I learn a lot from each person, each session, and from working with my own body every day.  

I enjoy appreciating each person, their body as is, sharing mutual goals for improvement, releasing what is not needed, and building on what is working.  Self-healing is a powerful and yet gentle, steady force. 

Date: October 13, 2019

Client : Themerella

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