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Fair Skies Acupuncture: Kent Green

Fair Skies Acupuncture: Kent Green

Fair Skies is a very small practice with hands-on, individualized therapy: 40  minutes of Acupuncture + 10 minutes of customized, integrative Bodywork such as moxibustion, manual therapy, cupping, hot stones, and/or tuning fork vibration.

 Acupuncture is an amazing natural therapy which directly stimulates your immune system and self-healing responses.  I respect every person’s dignity and intuition about their body, and I feel privileged to play a small, but heartfelt and enthusiastic role in supporting people’s whole health. 

Please also consider working with Christopher Kiely, L.Ac. for Classical Chinese Medicine, Internal Cultivation, Tai Chi Chuan, and in-depth holistic healing:

Date: October 13, 2019

Client : Themerella

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