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Kent Yoga & Body Works: In-Person Classes

Kent Yoga & Body Works: In-Person Classes

Alina blends Iyengar and Embodied  yoga for people over 50 who want yoga to be accessible.  It’s not about extreme poses but understanding how to excute the postures with strength, resilience, and balance.
I’ve come to understand that it is in the subtleties of inner movement combined with the Iyengar system where the healing of the body-mind takes place.

Alina is an 500-hour Y.R.T. teacher and has been teaching yoga for over 25 years.   Previously she danced with American Ballet Theatre and performed in Phantom of the Opera on Broadway.   She continues to hone in her skills by just completing a 300 hour Embodied yoga certification with Patty Townsend and is in the middle of an in depth 2 year training with Patty Bainbridge Cohen.

Client : Themerella

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