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Kent Yoga and Bodyworks

Kent Yoga and Bodyworks

Our studio is designed to be beautiful, friendly, and caring. Alina Hernandez is a very popular teacher who has been teaching in Kent for over 10 years. She is known for her ability to hone in on each individual student during her classes. Whatever your needs, she will modify poses for you, while keeping the rest of the class focused. The beauty of her way of teaching is that she uses props to support each individual student depending on their specific needs that day. She offers different levels of yoga classes to keep you as safe as possible in your yoga practice.

Classes are ongoing.
Click here for the schedule.

Wear comfortable, fitted clothing (shorts or leggings) and have a relatively empty stomach.

Alina Hernandez, Owner
19 Kent Green Blvd
Kent, Connecticut 06757

Client : Themerella

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