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Namoo Korean Barbecue Restaurant

Namoo Korean Barbecue Restaurant

Date: July 16, 2017

The Lee family — Chuck and his wife Sarah (and through the summer, daughter Grace) — bring a legacy of Korean cuisine to the ample menu offerings. As managers of the seafood offerings at both The Sharon Market and Bantam Market, the Lees have long understood sourcing and preparing the freshest ingredients.

For starters, we liked the Haemool Pajeon, an ample scallion and seafood pancake, and the Jeon Sampler, a mix of the chef’s selections for sharing. There are a light and fresh shrimp tempura combo and Dak Gang Jeong, fried chicken wings with a choice of sauces. Traditional bulgogi is superb, as are the grilled branzini, mackerel and squid. Noodle options abound, and there are the traditional teriyaki dishes. Vegetarians will find a rich variety of dishes. A sushi bar is in the planning stages. This is good food, well prepared and modestly priced. We like the dual pricing (lunch or dinner portions), too.

12 Kent Green Blvd, Kent, CT 06757

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