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Sophie Drazkiewicz: Owner & Chef
Tacos At Sophies

Sophie Drazkiewicz: Owner & Chef

Sophie Drazkiewicz: OWNER & CHEF

Since 1993, Sophie Drazkiewicz has been inspired to share her culinary prowess with others. Raised in South Norwalk, Connecticut by an Italian mother with a heart as big as a dinner plate, Sophie was brought up with the simple idea that all walks of life have a place at her dinner table. Whether it was from her early years of gathering the neighborhood kids to host bake sales and donate the proceeds to the local homeless shelters, to college where she was lauded for scraping together pennies and creating a feast big enough to feed the entire floor of her dorm, Sophie has gone through life with an apron around her neck and a trusty ceramic dutch oven at her side.

After six years of working in corporate America, Sophie left to pursue passions and get back to her roots of gathering people together to share a meal, a drink, and plenty of laughs. She has taken inspiration not only from the Italian-American heritage she was raised with, but from countless friends she has made along the way who have given her the opportunity to taste pieces of their culture through a dinner plate.

When Sophie’s not in the kitchen, you can find her out in the garden, underwater photographing sharks, or traveling the ends of the earth in search of new spices and inspiration. 

Client : Themerella

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