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Jerri Drazkiewicz: Head Chef & the Team

Jerri Drazkiewicz: Head Chef & the Team

Jerri Drazkiewicz: HEAD CHEF

Jerri Drazkiewicz the mother of the Owner and namesake Sophie Drazkiewicz. Jerri began her humble upbringings in South Norwalk, Connecticut with a father who owned a dry cleaner and taught her that many things in life are best done by hand. Between her father and many trips back to Italy, Jerri was raised with mani d’oro, or hands of gold in Italian.

Jerri went on to own her own catering business for many years, before moving on to pursue passions in Optical Engineering. Even when she wasn’t cooking professionally, she was always cooking for an army, and regularly would gather friends, family and anyone who was smart enough to follow their nose to the dinner table for a meal unlike any other. Jerri takes her inspiration from all cuisines and shies away from no ingredient or culinary technique. When Sophie pitched the idea of Sophie’s to her, she began to churn out recipes and ideas for new spins on classic dishes. Along with Pedro Montalvo and Sophie Drazkiewicz, Jerri has helped to develop dishes that are featured on our menu.

Client : Themerella

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